Types of Football Boots

Do you have one pair of football shoes and you employ them without considering where are you playing? Then, we are sorry to mention this that you simply have done all wrong. Football may be a sport that's being played on uneven streets, fields, natural turfs, courtyards, colonel compounds, and even at the terrace. So, you ought to get the proper sort of pair. Read on to understand more.

The football shoes that are compatible with a cemented field won't offer you a similar experience on the grassy field. This pair will cause you to slip and may cause injuries also. This was only one example but we hope that has turned on the lights in your brain.

The opening statement has already indicated the subject which will be discussed during this article. For those, who haven't figured it out yet, we'll be discussing different types of football shoes today.

There are three broad categories of football boots. we've categorized them supported surfaces on which they're used. The underlying factor that differentiates the three categories is that the outsoles of those shoes. So, let's start.

Grassy & Muddy Surface

The first type is that the commonest class of football shoes. These shoes are employed by professional footballers on the fields and are commercialized on large scales. they're generally distinguished from other categories by the studs or plastic molded blades.

These studs help players maintain their grip on the grass and wet outfield. they're also helpful if you're playing football on a muddy surface. this type of shoes must not be used on a tough surface. it'll increase the danger of slipping through thereby causing serious injuries.


Astroturf is a man-made grass surface. If you've got ever watched hockey games, know that the game is played on AstroTurf. you'll identify this sort of trainers from its short studs. These short studs are opened up on the entire outsole.

The best part about these shoes is that they will even be used as casual footwear. due to its multi-purpose usage, these shoes are quite common among non-footballers also.

Courtyards and Indoor Courts

Courtyard football is extremely common among educational institutes be it college, schools, or universities. Our last category pertains to the shoes that are specifically designed to play football in courts. The distinguishing factor for these sorts of boots is its rubber outsole. a bit like Astroturf shoes, these also serve multiple purposes of footwear.

These boots are very commonly used for gymnasium also. Marketers often promote this product for various target audiences, like includes footballers, athletes, and other sportsmen.

So, this sums up our discussion on differing types of football boots. Unfortunately, this has become quite common lately to use an equivalent pair of football shoes whether you're playing on a grassy field or a cemented field. Hopefully, this text might help them in creating general awareness about it.

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