About Us

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it all started when we (as a couple) didn't find much information on the web about our GAMES, not much honest opinions or reals information.

We did a lot of effort looking for good options for our News, so we founded so many options, but it was really hard to make a final choice.

We realized that we are not the only ones on the web looking for that kind of information, and the best choices for their GAMES, there were so many other people from all over the world.

So here it comes the idea (as bloggers), we decided to make a blog only for GAMES, because the most blogs we found talks about all different kinds of Forex (life GAMES, health GAMES, earthquake Forex ... etc.), but none of those blogs give specific information only about GAMES.

So here it is, our blog about all we have learned about GAMES, and we learn more to share it with you.